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Welcome to Warda Digital Repository – a haven for educators and students alike!

Our repository houses self-paced courses for children, segregated by age group, focusing on Tarbiyah, skill development, and creative expression. With curricula options like Samar, Willow, and Modular, Warda adapts to diverse learning needs. Dive into our integrated lesson resource packs spanning K-Grade 8, covering English, Math, Science, Geography, and Islamic History. For young readers, we offer leveled reading material crafted to nurture a profound love for Allah and His Prophets (Peace be upon them).

Explore engaging games, activities, and projects designed for learners at various levels, promoting the development of the 4Cs – Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. Educators and school owners can embark on leveled self-paced courses delving into Aqeedah, Tarbiyah, and Tazkiyah. Discover the advantage of our web portal, offering topic-wise content development for flexibility in time management. The repository evolves to meet user needs, providing variable product designs such as resource packs, chapter books, printables, editable documents, and textbooks. Enjoy ease of review and change incorporation, with topics mapped to curricula of different countries simultaneously.

Warda unlocks a world where education meets innovation seamlessly!.”

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