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Trellis is a framework that offers support to the teaching and learning process. The aim is to solve the greatest challenge post covid -The learning gap.  A survey conducted by  ACER states that the learning gap today is higher than at any time in the last decade. Thus to ensure equitable participation of students in the class irrespective of their learning level, Trellis uses a three-pronged approach-Training teachers to assess and identify the gaps. Provide level-specific support to students Ensuring student engagement through a variety of resources for different learning styles.

Our Packages

Trellis Prime

This prime package includes our Teacher Enrichment Program designed with extensive research and countless hours of relentless work using the expertise of the best professionals. The regular training enables teachers to become the best version of themselves and transforms them into super teachers who in turn make their students lifelong learners

Trellis Plus

Along with the transformational Teacher Enrichment Program, Trellis Plus offers engaging Teachers’ and Students’ Resources designed to promote independent learning among the students. To enable the teachers to conduct classes effectively while addressing different learning levels and learning styles of students, this package offers Teachers’ Resources in the form of Comprehensive Lesson Designs.

Trellis Pro

In addition to offering the services provided in Trellis Prime and Trellis Plus, the Trellis Pro package offers an ultimate platform called the Learning Management System. This system helps to:

  1. Track Teachers’ and Students’ progress
  2. Build a repository of all the learning and teaching materials
  3. Build a community where all the stakeholders share a common platform to communicate, appreciate, and grow together

Trellis Premium

If you are looking for something paramount, like an absolute school transformation to be able to fulfill your vision and function at the very peak of your abilities, look no further, this package is your treasure.It encompasses three core elements – People, Systems and Technology. We ensure that the quality is improved in eight core areas namely, Management and governance, leadership,infrastructure, scholastic process, co-scholastic process, human resources, inclusive practices and beneficiary satisfaction!