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At Harvest Publications, we aim to reap a generation of responsible contributors by sowing the seeds of quality education.

An integrated curriculum that nourishes the whole personality

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Ensure physical development, for a healthy foundation breeds a vibrant future


Expand their minds, as curious thoughts lead to boundless possibilities.


Cultivate their hearts, where empathy and kindness blossom into a garden of connections.


Nurture their souls, for within lies the essence of resilience and inner harmony.

The Harvest Approach

Our team of researchers has developed a system of learning that integrates

Taleem – the conventional skill-focused education


Tarbiyah – character development through values.

Through this integrated curriculum, we develop holistic personalities progressively via
the Learn – Live – Lead ladder.

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Willow series

Our Willow Series is an educational journey that draws inspiration from the resilient and enduring spirit of the willow tree. Much like the branches of the willow tree that gracefully bend without breaking, this series is designed to foster adaptability and perseverance in students. It is a curriculum rooted in values, seamlessly combining skill- focused education and research-based learning with character development.

Just as the willow tree stands undeterred by adversity, our series aims to empower learners to navigate challenges in life with resilience and determination. Join us on this educational journey where growth, evolution, and an unwavering spirit serve as guiding principles.

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Samar Series

Step into the Samar Series, where knowledge ripens like the sweetest fruit! Designed with care and precision, Samar (meaning “fruit” in Arabic) is the culmination of our dedicated multidisciplinary research. Just as a fruit embodies the essence of growth and nourishment, the Samar Series aims to nurture young minds, connecting the younger generation with their Creator, guiding them to recognize the purpose of their existence. Tailored for faith-based schools, Samar seamlessly integrates universal values and 21st-century skills.

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Fellah Series

The Fellah Series has been meticulously crafted for Madrasah students aspiring to excel in both contemporary and Islamic education. It is designed to bridge the gap by emphasizing fundamental topics through engaging explanations, real-life connections, and thorough practice for skill mastery. Tailored for students with a foundational understanding of the Quran, Fellah presents subjects in the light of Quranic teachings, fostering meaningful connections and a profound appreciation for the greatness of the Creator.

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More Than Just Books

Ethical education through Value-Based Textbooks.

Empower educators with a comprehensive Teachers’ Manual.

Levelled assessment through meticulously crafted Question Papers.

Engage, learn & grow with Child-Centered Software.

Foster a positive student culture with Positive- Behavior Posters.

Monitor student growth with the Development Tracker.

Enable documenting of progress with Student Diary.

Assist educators with a dedicated Teachers’ Diary.

Guide school leaders with the School Leaders’ Planner.

Engage students with interactive accompanying Workbooks.

Inspire learning with thoughtful Lesson Designs.

Elevate teaching skills through Professional Teacher Training.

Encourage and motivate teachers with Inspirational Posters.

Plan the academic year with a Detailed Academic Breakdown.

Nurture character through comprehensive Tarbiyah Cards.

Inform and involve parents with the Parent Handbook.

Streamline administration with the Principal’s Planner.

Develop leadership skills with our Collaborative Leadership Framework Book.

“Let’s come together to Harvest a new generation of humans.”