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A presenter in Mimber has the ability to control and annotate content uploaded into the presentation area or the whiteboard.

The presenter role enables the user assigned the ability to:

  1. Control the slide navigation,
  2. Use the slide/whiteboard annotations, and
  3. Enable the multiuser whiteboard for use by attendees.

By default, the first Moderator to enter the Mimber session is allocated the presenter role capabilities; if you are a viewer you will need to request presenter status from the moderator.


When a user has the presenter role, the presenter icon will appear over their avatar in the users list.

Slide Navigation

Once you have uploaded content into the Mimber presentation area, you have the ability to control the navigation and visual orientation of the content displayed.

The presenters slide/content control panel is located under the presentation display and above your media control icons.


To navigate through your content, use the Slide Navigator [1] located in the presenter control panel; advance using the forward “>” navigation arrows, return using the backwards “<” navigations arrows.

Skip to a specific slide by selecting the specific slide number from the dropdown.

Zoom In (+) or Out (-) [2], use Fit-to-Width [3], or engage Full Screen Mode [4].

Slide/Whiteboard Annotations

The presenter annotations are located to the right hand side of the presentation display in the Mimber interface.


By default the Pan [1] tool is enabled.



Select the Pan tool to display the other available whiteboard tools, which include:

  • Text input [2]
  • Line [3]
  • Ellipse [4]
  • Triangle [5]
  • Rectangle [6]
  • Pencil [7]
  • Pan/pointer [default]


To write on the presentation, select the Text Input [2] tool and draw a rectangle.  The rectangle will be the text area.


To draw on the presentation select the Pencil Tool [7] and drag the mouse button to draw a line.


When the Pencil tool is enabled, additional menu options will appear that allow you to adjust the Line Thickness [1] and change the Line Colour [2].

Annotations made to the white board can be removed by selecting  Undo Most Recent [3] or Undo All [4].

Enable Multi-User Whiteboard

The presenter can also enable the multi-user whiteboard; when activated, all users in the Mimber session can annotate the whiteboard simultaneously.

The multi-user whiteboard must be enabled each slide or each time the presenter transitions from one slide to another. 

Each user draws in their own separate layer — their marks/clear events don’t affect other users.


Enable multi-user is the last annotation control located in the presenter annotations to the right hand side of presentation display in the Mimber interface.


When enabled, the icon will change to indicate that the multi-user whiteboard is on/live.

Once multi-user whiteboard is turned off, the presenter can clear all whiteboard marks with the clear all annotations option.

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