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To help every school overcome its challenges and embark on a journey of continual learning and help it emerge as a leader with the capacity to fulfill its vision and ability to serve the community.



Mimber Academy is dedicated to setting every organization on the path of sustainable progress and social cohesion



We design unique need-based solutions to help educational institutions realize their Vision while empowering their stakeholders to become leaders in their own capacity. We uphold the values of integrity and transparency in all our transactions and believe in mutual growth for the upliftment of community.


What we Offer

Trellis is a framework that offerssupport to the teaching andlearning process.
Harvest Publications
The book has been developed keeping in mind the intention of making numeracy easy to understand and practice for the young learners.
Masarat Trading
Already comfortable with Zoom ? We intgrate our LMS with Zoom to give teachers and students a win-win situation!


Student Resource Pack

The student resource pack includes worksheets and practice sheets designed to suit the different learning styles and different learning levels

Teacher Resource Pack

Comprehensive instructional design that includes the innovative methodologies doing with Baseline tests, Student activites based on 5E and 4Cs, Multilevel exercises for students at basic, regular & advanced levels & Post topic assessments to gauge student understanding

Curriculum ++

A specially designed learning environment for Gifted students to help enhance their unique strengths and quench their curiosity

Seamless Migration

We provide a complete solution to the needs of the school and ensure trouble free migration of the school to a blended learning system









Technology for better utilization to connect learners with instructors with end-to-end decryption of learning



Generating better outputs in every way possible to know where we are heading & what's next



Upgrading anything doesn't sound bad in any industry so let's move forward & become an education provider of 21st century

Virtual Education Provider

End-To-End Decryption Of Learning

Live Classes + Learning Management the better combination to deliver & make sure everything is up & available to your students whenever they need.

Interactive Learning

Real-Time Learning No Matter Where You Are

Collaborate with teachers, students, instructors, etc on the go wherever you are & start exploring the new & easy way of learning efficiently


Let’s Be The 21st Century Education Provider

Upgrading anything doesn’t sound bad in any industry so let’s move forward & become an education provider of 21st century for the new generation & align learning accordingly

Let's Build Something Together