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Islamic Values

21st Century

Harvest Publications is a subsidiary of Mimber Academy, a research-based educational consultancy.

At Harvest, we aim to reap an ideal nation (ummah) by sowing seeds of quality education. Exploring the effects of the modern education system, we realized that the biggest challenge was its inability to create true Islamic personalities. The final result of this system is often underconfident individuals with dichotomous personalities that are culturally Muslim, but similar to non-Muslims in their life-goals and worldview. It stems from the fact that while our values are directed towards the akhirah, the skills we obtain are dunia-oriented.

To this end, we have developed a hoslistic value-based curricular that nourishes the core areas of personality namely body, mind, heart and soul.

The outcome of this system of Tarbiyat and Taleem are individuals who learn, live and lead by example.